Colorbox: Grid Layout

Show Shortcode Options / Explanation for Galleries

The shortcode used to create this specific gallery is as follows:

[img_gallery id="127" type="colorbox" layout="grid" orderby="random" order="DESC" description="This is just an example of some text. Text on gallery pages can be inserted either Above or Below depending on your selection. Galleries can also be created either as a Page or Shortcode with a variety of additional options available to customize as desired." placement="below"]

The options available to the Gallery shortcodes are as follows:

Option Value Required Description
id Yes Each gallery created has a unique ID assigned to it.
type colorbox, fancybox, slideviewer, galleria, prettyphoto Yes This is defining the type of gallery you’ll be using to display the images.
layout 2, 3, 4, grid Yes This defines the layout you’re wanting to display your gallery in.
orderby random, custom_id, asc_order No This defines the order in which the gallery images are displayed.
order asc, desc No This defines whether they’re Ascending or Descending in order.
description No You can add a gallery description to your gallery.
placement above, below No Define whether the description is “Above” or “Below” the gallery.

For more details creating Galleries, checkout our blog tutorial: How to create Galleries with Shortcodes